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Im in a band that plays actual gigs
22 24%
Im in a band, being my friends and i messing around.
40 44%
29 32%
Voters: 91.
I was just wondering about how many people on here are actually in a band, and how many are "solo" (as i like to think of it). If you are in a band, please tell what kind of music you play.
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I see no poll

Edit: Ahh, poll is up.

I just practice just now, we've only just started, but hope to have some gigs soon
We play classic rock, blues, alternative rock and some other stuff.
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how bout an actual poll to this thread?

but i'm in in a band and we play alternative to metalcore stuff
i WAS in a band that played actual gigs, but one guy quit for a job at a summer camp and the next year another guy shipped out for the marines.

i wouldn't say we were that good though. we tried to start off writing all of our own songs, which takes a long time to write good ones to make a full set.
i want to play in one, but all the musicians in my area are already taken.
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No but I have been asked to join 2 of them.
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My cousin and I have a "band" that consists of us making comedy music and selling it online.

Look up The Ultra Cheesy Flubbed Up Nuclear Cheesballs.
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I'm in a band that are now looking for gigs. We span as many genres as we can haha.

I also do "solo" stuff, but I suck at singing so its all stuff thats personal to me and only I get to hear.
It's really hard for me to find musicians that know what they're doing. Especially because every one around here likes either rap or hip hop. FUKN THING SUCKS!!!!
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A combonation of the first 2

Band with friends, not gigging yet
My Old Progressive Metal Band:
For fans of Between The Buried and Me, Dream Theater, Cynic.

My New Progressive Rock/Djent Band:
Wings Denied
For fans of Deftones, Tesseract, Periphery, Karnivool, Cynic.
In a thrash band, we're recording demos at the moment, but need more members before we can play gigs.
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I've been asked to be in two bands, both as a bass player, because I'm apparently great at bass, besides the fact that I'm just a guitarist playing bass, therefore I don't use any bass techniques. One is an experimental rock band that is playing small gigs, one is a hard-rock/metal band that is yet to play a gig. I'd join both... if I had a bass. I'm only playing bass at college due to a shortage of bass players.
In band, we gig, not very regular, and I have a solo thing going on.

Band are in the ol' profile,

and solo stuff, if you really want to here it (not very good) search 'Chris Biggs Project' in Myspace Music.
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I have a band, but we just formed and haven't played any gigs yet. We have only had one proper practice, but we got the cops called on us and had to stop.
I have no band, but I do play the occasional solo gig. I'm still trying to get used to be on stage alone. I'm also gonna record a demo by the end of the summer (hopefully).
EDIT: I play acoustic ska, more or less. It's not exactly ska since it's just guitar and vocals, but that's all I can do at once.
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I'm in a band that is playing one gig a week. We are looking for more gigs to play though. We are a highschool band so we have to balance music with school. But school has just finished so we are going to play even more gigs and then record some of our orignials, and hopefully be selling our cd them by the end of the summer. I play a LTD Viper F-50, but I'm saving up for a Strat.My friend plays a 1968 Peavey bass guitar and it looks and sounds great. I forget what kind of drums that our drummer plays but they are pretty sweet. We play classic rock,blues,and 80's metal and some of our own material.
One Man Band FTW.
I play gigs. I've played 3 in the Actress & Bishop in Birmingham near the Bt Tower
I'm in two bands: One band that has only played covers at school talent shows, etc. and still has yet to write any material.

Another band that is just me and my own work, see sig for detail.
lol for a few years ive been unsuccessful in forming a band that lasts more than two days so ive kinda just started recording solo material, goin all joe satriani (but not as talented obviously)