sry to post again....but i didnt get any help and my thread was closed...tryy again? thnx

just some lyrics....plz helpful tips and such

I love you babe like nobody could know
but i made a mistake
left you for some hoe
now i need you back
but you dont want me
you found a new guy
better than i could ever be

<#> <#> <#> <#> <#> <#> <#> <#> <#> <#> <#> <#> <#>

you just dont wanna be with me
but i cant live without you
and this life was meant for you and me
so why cant i be with you?
why cant i be with you?

<#> <#> <#> <#> <#> <#> <#> <#> <#> <#> <#> <#> <#>

i miss you babe like a desert misses water
but a made a mistake
now im dying on the inside
though my outside shows
smiles and kisses


i need you babe like i need air
you're the reason i live and the reason i breathe

[(chorus) slowly?]

It's a little cheesy...especially the "babe" parts.
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Yeah i could see that being sung by the backstreet boys . . . in a good way
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