Well, I have my guitar plugged into my in line port on the back of my pc, i have audacity BUT when i record i get a small bit of volume t the start then the volume of the recording slowly decreases and by the 15th second i have no volume.
So when i play it back its like this:

Audible Volume- Just Audible volume-very low volume-nothing at all

My speakers are turned up loud and the input is on full volume, any idea whats happening
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get something between the guitar and computer like a mixer, firewire interface.
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i used to have that problem too..
i dont remember what i did to fix it, you have to mess with the options for agess.
but.. i dont even have my cord anymore and i used audition anyways.
If u want to record with a simple sequencer Download a Cubase torrent....and use that software.....not audacity....