This is probably one of the best and hardest songs from the Strokes, I need help in a lot of stuff coz I'm tryin to make a oneman band video thingy of me playing and singing this.

I put this thread in the Pit coz I know there's more guys here to help me.

1.In the outro (You're so cooooooooold part) do I do a falsetto or just sing it with my normal voice? It takes me like a lot of air to sing that with my real voice.

2.What kind of tremolo pedal should I buy for the lead tremolo parts?

3.Should I add my own fills or just play the real song on drums?

4.Should I use a pick or my fingers for the bass?
(it sounds diff. if I use a pick)
1. Real voice, Julian does it that way.
2. Dunno.
3. Add your own.
4. Finger bass.
ok, yeah. my name is silly because I signed up when I was 13.