I'm new here so if I'm not supposed to ask this stuff sorry, but I'm looking to buy kind of a knock around guitar (I guess you can call it that), but I can't decide between a js100 with a PAF Joe at the neck and a FRED at the bridge or a stock rg1570. I've played them both, but I haven't been able to play the js100 with the pickups I want. basically. would the modded JS be better than the RG stock?
I hope you mean a JS1000 or there's absolutely no contest.
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Rg1570 owns the JS100. the JS100 has an Edge III trem. go for the prestige 1570.
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Is the RG1570 used? Because I would find it really odd that you would be comparing two guitars of different price ranges.

Either way, go for the RG1570. No questions asked.
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