I've been looking at getting some DiMarzio's dropped into my Ibanez RG1570, specifically an Air Norton (N) and Steve's Special (B) and wiring it up like the old JPM Ibanez, which would mean disconnecting the single coil in the middle and installing a 3 way switch.

However, my biggest dilemma is my amp. I have a Line 6 Spider 3 30W and the only channels I find decent are the Clean and the Metal, and the other two I don't use. My biggest issue is that the distorted sound of the amp is not smooth and as a comparatively cheap alternative to buying an expensive tube amp (which I haven't the use for as I wont be gigging and I live in a small house), spending a couple of hundred dollars on pickups. The stock Ibanez pickups to me have little sustain both in the bridge and neck and are just a bit weak. I know everyone says your amp is the problem, but seriously check this video out (Evo in bridge through a Spider 2)


That sweep lick sounds pretty good to me. So if I go ahead with the pickup swap, I have definitely decided on an Air Norton in the neck, but in the bridge I was stuck between a Steve's Special (which I know has a mid scoop), a D-Sonic or an EVO.

So any discussion or input on what I should do would be appreciated.
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I have a Steves Special and the Air Norton on my RG1570, same as you.

But ill be the first to say, get a new amp, new pickups will not make an amp sound better, your amp gives you your general "sound" and better pickups just bring out different tonal characteristics.

For example, the Steves Special takes the tone of my amp, cuts the mid a tiny bit, and overdrives the amp, but not so much that i cant get any clean sounds.
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yes get a epi valve jr or something or a roland cube!
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Epi VJ or Peavey VK royal 8. good, cheap, not overly loud, tube amps. then get pups to "tweak" ur sound.
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