So, I was learning this awesome bassline to red hot chili pepper's so much i on their stadium arcadium album (look it up on youtube). Specifically, it is the bassline to the verse/intro of the song. Now it is a very fast bassline and involves a lot of fast string skipping on the bass. And I don't know about you, but when I pluck the strings, I let my finger fall back on the string behind it. This causes my fingers to slip up and mess up a lot on this bassline during the song. So, then I tried to just pluck the strings without my finger falling back on the next string. But, if I play it this way it sounds too staccato because the note doesn't sustain long enough it seems like. If anyone understands what I am talking about, do you have any suggestions or is it all just practice?
I know what you mean. It's pretty difficult at first, I had the same problem, but after some practice, it's not too hard, but it did take me a while to get it down perfect, and sometimes I still mess up.
Practice is really all thats gonna help!
So do you let your finger fall back on the next string when you play the riff or do you just pluck them without doing that?
Yea, my finger comes back and hits the next finger each time. Do you use two fingers or just one? I would hope two!
In which case, you'll just need to build up the speed.
Two definetly and I'm pretty decent with speed but I think the fast string skipping confuses my fingers a little bit!
yeah even i have that problem, but if you practise it slowly it gets a bit easier it just takes heaps of practise
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Play slowly, build up muscle memory and then gradually speed up. String skipping can be a pain. If you want more practise at it, try the intro riff to Bombtrack by RATM. IT still catches me out every so often.
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Play slowly, build up muscle memory and then gradually speed up.

This sounds lame, but listen to the guy. I had the same problem solved it by practicing slowly, and I mean REALLY SLOWLY. If a song has a tempo let us say 120 go down to 40 or 50.
Correct. Play it slowly, then build up speed.
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youtube people doing covers of the song and see how they do it.
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Yeah, I think I'm gonna take everyone's advice and break out the old metronome until I play it at normal speeds.