whats the diference?

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Swamp Ash is lighter than Alder i think, but theres very little difference tone-wise i think.
It says that alder is warmer than swamp ash. What the **** else do you need to know?

Also, in order for us to recommend a tone, we need to know what kind of music you play.
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Swamp Ash is lighter and more figured than Alder. Many of the translucent strats are made using Swamp ash if my memory serves me right. Depending on what your meaning of Hard Rock is, Mahogany is the standard for any kind of rock guitar really. Alder and Ash both produce amazing instruments as well. It will also depend on your amp and pickups.

My personal preference is Swamp ash, but its only for the aesthetic value really, well and the lighter weight. Theres not too much of a difference tone wise that I can hear from them, when comparing two of the same guitars.
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all of the ash ive dealt with is heavy as ****... its basically the same wood as oak, just a different color. same grain structure/figuring.

It sounds to me like you have northern ash then. Swamp ash is much lighter than oak from what i've worked with.
Swamp Ash varies in weight quite a lot. It is less consistent than Alder. The more minerals etc in the wood will mean it's heavier.

I personally prefer Ash by a lot. 1) Because I'm strat player 2) It has a little more je ne sais quois.

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