This is a cover we started playing about a week before this show. Our drummer is a big Outkast fan and we thought it'd be a tight song to do. It's kind of a blend between the original and the slower acoustic cover by Matt Weddle.


Constructive criticism would be nice! Oh yeah, and feel free to leave me a link to one of your songs to listen to.

Thanks for listening!
Cool stuff man!

Interesting version, however you guys don't seem to comfortable with it to be honest. I feel like the vocalist needs more of a flow in his singing, as does the lead player in his playing.

I still like it tho' man, keep up the tunes!

Everything seems in tune and the song is structured fine...your style is your style, so that can't be graded...the only thing i think you guys need is a more visible passion and some showmanship, with this cover in particular; Outkast is a high-energy group, with catchiness and flair behind the vocals. Slowing it down to chords on an acoustic is easy and sounds nice (like Wddle's work), but since this is full-band, the result can be more enthralling because you have more to work with, if you choose to do so. It doesnt hurt that you can do LOADS with this song if you brainstorm it...this all being my opinion of course. All that said, the video was still enjoyable with a somewhat innovative idea. Good stuff.
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Let loose.