Hopefully some of you have the played theRandall RX120R I haven't yet, but maybe you guys can give me a verdict for the best metal amp out of these two. I've always loved the TBX stack.
Randall RG50TC
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The TBX is terrible.. if you've always loved it then you don't really have much of a tone taste.. sorry :X
Both "entry priced" amps. Which means cheap SS. Its doubtful you need a half stack a tube combo would be way better.
yeah but don't have the cash for tube n technicolor type, i like my tone you like yours, and ouch btw lol
If you can't afford something like a randall rg50tc or a b-52 then save up. Those two you listed are crap and definitely not worth it.
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I now own the Randal RX120 and it is not really worth it in the end. I shopped around but after seeing a vid or two on youtube the distortion seemed pretty kick ass. This is not the case.

I am in the process of selling mine and just getting (with my fingers crossed) a tubed 212 or something along those lines.

Bottom line, IMHO, go for something tubed, it will be worth it.
none. go Valveking instead
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