I got contact lenses yesterday, but they are really hard for me to put in. The doctor says it'll get easier, but idk. I was wondering if anybody had any tips on putting them in or anything. Thanks!

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I usually put the contact in with whichever hand is on the same side, and use the other one to lift the eyelid a bit. Then I look straight ahead at myself in a mirror, then turn my head to the side, as if looking away, but keep my eyes straight ahead. Then put the contact onto the outside white part of my eye (which eye depends on which way my head is turned). Then I just move it over onto the middle. It's not the way my optometrist said to do it, but I find it the easiest.
the first week it took me like 30+ minutes to take them out or put them in. after 1-2 weeks it got ALOT easier
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Make sure you have your eyes open all the way. Once you feel the little pop you can remove your finger from the contact and let it sit on your eye. Then slowly blink and look in different directions. It really will get much easier very quickly.
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Tip: Wet down the tips of your fingers first. Makes sure no hair gets on or anything

If it's for your right eye, put the contact on your right index finger, like a bowl facing up (so the outside is touching your finger). Then carefully dry off all of your other fingers, and use your left index finger to pinch your right upper eye lied between your finger and the part of your skull just above your eyelash, so it stays open. Holding that finger there, put your left ring finger just on/slightly below your right bottom eyelid, and pull it down. Place the contact on your eye (while facing straight ahead), push a little (to make sure there are no air bubbles), and SLOWLY close both eyelids at the same time, until they are both closed almost all the way (since your finger won't allow them to close). Then SLOWLY remove your finger. The eyelids should catch the contact if it tried to go with your finger. Blink a few times, repeat for your other eye.

I make it sound waay more complicated than it is. lol.