Is there a way to clearly hear the backing vocals in a song?
The sex offenders register.. personally, i don't even think they should be in school.
Depends on the song, I guess.

Try EQing it, maybe it'll bring out the backing vocals better.
Listen carefully.
If you could blow up the world with a flick of a switch,
Would you do it?

If you could make everybody poor just so you could be rich,
Would you do it?

With all your power,
What would you do?
Sing in a mic.
Barry White is cooler than you
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I really wish I could say you're funny and cool, but that would be like saying Africa doesn't have a poverty problem.
You know those things on the side of your head? They're called "ears" yeah, they're magical. Wanna know why? They help you LISTEN to things. Yep, use those.

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