I'm looking to get a heavy bag for some cardio work to help me get in shape and was just wondering if any of you knew what the standard weight was? An is it really neccasary to where boxing gloves or is that just so its less painful. I don't mind a little pain and getting my knuckles torn up a bit I just don't want to do any serious damage to my hands being a guitar player and all. Lastly are there any good MMA forums you guys could reccomend? thanks alot
your skin starts to peel after a while of punch cause of the constant rubbing against the surface. its like getting rugburn. if you want goo cardio, try running or jump roping. personally id rather jump rope cause i hate running. i think the standard weight is like 90 pounds
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at least put down $5 for handwraps. and make sure you have proper punching tecnique, you wouldnt want to injure your wrist since you're a guitar player
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Just buy some boxing training gloves, that way you can safely punch the bag.

With boxing gloves you'll have to wrap your wrists to prevent injury.
I'm not sure the standard weight for a heavy bad buy mine is 70ibs.

My bag is everlast and the gloves are century.
I think the bag was ~$100 and the gloves were $50.
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at least put down $5 for handwraps. and make sure you have proper punching tecnique, you wouldnt want to injure your wrist since you're a guitar player

What exactly would proper punching technique be?
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What exactly would proper punching technique be?

IIRC answers.com has a lot about punching techniques for boxing and the martial arts.
Look on youtube for vids. I could explain proper techinque but i would have to be there to physically show you. Yes get gloves. If you dont you can fracture your hand. *Boxer's fracture is VERY common. I train MMA and rarely use MMA gloves for boxing. Your hands cannot take the stress. Just get some inexpensive BAG GLOVES. They are different than boxing gloves. However 16oz boxing gloves do make for a better shoulder workout. Especially toward the end of the workout. Those extra five or six oz's can feel like pounds after awhile. 80 lbs would be standard bag size. Make sure you break it in first. Well i highly recommend you do..
standard weight is 60-80 lbs and bag gloves are best. read up on proper technique you dont wanna break your hand bro.
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Standard bag weight is ~80lbs and to concur with all of the above posters, YES use at least bag gloves. It's not the skin on your knuckles that you should be primarily concerned with, but the bones in your wrist. I would recommend wrapping your wrist with sports tape and using the bag gloves- I got stress fractures in my right wrist after a lot of bag work- it sucks.
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Also, I recommend you start off by hitting the bag lightly. Or at least not at full strenght. You will only worsen technique and hurt your hands. Take it easy at first and just work technique and then speed. Power will come from proper technique.