I bought my father a card for Father's Day that has a bunch of pictures of men with receding hairlines and a caption underneath it with a sports term that describe the hair (ex. a man with only four strands left is "The Final Four," or the one with a wig is "Artificail Turf."
I'm putting a picture of my dad inside the card and I need a sports term synonomous with denial. He's been denying that he's losing his hair for a while now and it'll be a great card. Thanks in advance.
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reviewing the play?
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I would say Challenging the Play

I was going to say something regarding the challenge, but couldn't think of anything good.
Encroachment by the forehead.

*play off of encroachment by the defense going offsides before the hike of a football.
Lying about losing his fucking hair.
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My first thought was no goal, too, but I thought it was a bit ambigous.
I was also thinking about offsides or encroachment, but those aren't really denial-themed.
So far my favorite is Challenging the Play, unless someone has something better.
Rory, I like yours too, but I think it might be too subtle; I want something obvious.
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Lying about losing his fucking hair.


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Make a good one that is a spin-off of intentional grounding. That'll cover the denial part if you use "intentional" as the first word.