In the summer I will be selling my Mesa Boogie Studio Preamp and Peavey Classic 50/50 Poweramp

im asking 650 total for the two
450 for mesa (canadian or american) (i payed 575 american)
200 for peavey (canadian or american) (i payed 300)
so basically i payed uhhh 875 for this and im selling for 650, pretty EFFIN good deal if you ask me. (i believe i payed a good price for the mesa but shouldnt have payed 300 for the peavey cuz there all like 250 and 200 ive seen so far so im selling mine for 200)

reason selling: got a job and plan to upgrade to uber awesome new head

*edit* ive played on a few differnt amps and out of my rig (the preamp and poweramp and my ****ty BEHRIGNER cab) i like this rig the best, my friend has a triple rec and orange cab and he let me dial in a tone and u know those things, not enough bass=thin to much=boomy u have to fine the perfect spot which can take UNBELIEVEABLY long and u have to have an overdrive boost to make rectos sound good for metal, N.E WAYS my preamp and poweramp threw my behringer cab sounded better then his triple rec threw his orange cab IMO i just LOVE THIS TONE, to be honest im worried that if i buy a 5150 and wont sound as good as this current setup! thats how much i love this tone.
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