every year I get him something lame like a card or something...I'm moving out his house soon and he's gettin old, decided I want to get something epic

I just have no idea what... He plays guitar too and likes clean sounds, should I get him something like a Blackheart?
or what?
Get him a Fender Twin reverb! but a BH LG would be nice too
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Get him a Fender Twin reverb!


My friend gave his dad some porno mags last Christmas. Mom wasn't happy at all.

Dad was, though!
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I'm getting my dad Under the Table and Dreaming by the Dave Matthews Band.
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not that its epic but i got my dad a big ass juicy watermelon...cause he always gets them and he has yet to get one for the season so i figured id get him his first for the year
dick in a box?
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you can be jesus.

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most useless response i think i have ever seen on any forum ever.

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i got my dad the divine comedy. does your dad like books?
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i feel kinda bad, i just found out today that it was fathers day
but im still gonna get him something lol