This song's about me wanting to end with somebody without knowing how, so I think the best way to do it is singing this. The main problem is that I don't know which sentences will be Verses, Choruses etc. Please help with that. I'm mexican so I may be wrong at Grammar. Thanks!!!

Breakup For Dummies
Finally we couldn't make it another year, but I should admit that both of us tried to make this everlasting, tough we know you loved me more than I loved you. I've been watching movies and I've just learned how to forget someone in a month but I could bet that for you it's as hard as forgetting your own name. I'm really sorry that I'm gonna be the bad guy this time. People will say I'm an ugly person and that you're just a crying lonely lady. I don't really care. I don't really care. You won't be on MySpace top anymore, I'm keeping you blocked on Messenger, I doubt I'll be able to call you on your birthday (I can't remember your phone number anymore). Did you already got it? If you wish I'll keep singing 'til you get it. I don't love you anymore. Please don't call me. I may be busy callin' someone else. I'm tryin' but I can't feel bad about this. Call all those guys that once were behind me. Have fun, hae fun!!!
hi Fili_92U2!

i think you'll get more replies
if you break this into lines/phrases
and display it on the page
more like a song or poem.
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