Hey everyone. Lately I've been writing material for an eventual demo and have run into the problem of recording it. I'm thinking about buying a Line 6 Toneport UX2. I've heard good things about it, but there's one problem.

I've got a B-52 AT-112 and I really dig the tones I'm pulling from it. Would I theoritically be able to use the mic inputs on the TP to record my own amp instead of the models?

I'll probably twiddle with the modeling software and whatnot on the toneport, but I'd still like to hear my own bomber in action. Would this be a good idea for home recording?
If it helps, I've got a mic and plan on recording vocals/bass as well.

Here's the link:

Hey man glad to see someone else getting into recording. When it comes to recording your guitar you can sacrifice your tone. If you are loving the tones from your B52 don't settle for modeling use a microphone and record it. First of all what do you have for a mic. Personally I would not ever think of buying a toneport. what is your budget? if you want quick answers PM me with your AIM
Hey thanks. Well, I've got a cheap mic I bought from Radioshack, I know, it's not even close to being the greatest in the world, but I just use it to record basic ideas so that I won't lose them and send them to bandmates.
My budget isn't very high. Probably $140 US is pushing it. I'll have to wait until my college grants come in. lol. But I'll probably mess around with the amp models, too.
I think I just mainly need something to bypass my soundcard lol
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yeah built in sound card suck. Messing with modeling is fun I sometimes use it for demos but nothing compares to micing up that natural tube amp and recording it. The toneport seems like a good purchase for you price range and needs. When it comes to recording I can get very meticulous about it to the point where I went and bought a PreSonus Firestudio Project buts that me (I use it to record my whole 4 piece band with vocals). If you are just doing demos use the mic and plug it into the tone port. You are gonna want a stand to hold the mic at the best location on the amp's speaker. You need to try different locations on the speaker until you find the "sweet spot" which is the best for your tone on the recording. When you find the sweet spot mark around it with either a sharpie or scotch tape and always use that spot. You'll want a telescoping boom stand to hold the mic up to the grill cloth of the speaker's "sweet spot" plug the mic into the tone port's mic port and use a program like Audacity to record (if you have a mac use garageband its way easier). With that method you should be able to get some pretty damn good recording for that small budget and I guarantee you'll be glad with the results.
For around $200 theres better when it comes to interfaces which is what you are looking to buy...not a preamp.

Interfaces are pieces of hardware which have on board preamps most of the time for mics and instruments.

The Mackie Onyx Satellite and E-MU 0404 are both great interfaces. The Mackie is Firewire and the E-MU is USB 2.0 connection.

If you mostly want to mic your amp and get the sound/tone from that I suggest staying away from the Toneports. They were built around DIing the instruments into them and running the GearBox software.

For lower budgets you can get the E-MU 0202, probably one of the better interfaces out there for the price range and you still get that better USB 2.0 connection which is important.
The MXL 990/991 pack is great but for micing amps the SM57 is best IMO.
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