Hi, I've been practicing sweep picking for a few weeks, and I've gotten decently good at it (for 2 weeks worth of work). I always try to analyse my technique and improve it when playing slowly. Today I noticed something.

When I play an arpeggio, which will be A major in this case,

when it comes time to do the part where it's 9(G string) 10(B string), and then 9(e string), am I supposed to roll my finger over to play the strings on the same fret, or am I supposed to place the finger there?

Sorry its so long, its just kind've difficult for me to explain.

EDIT:I'm not sure this is in the right forum, sorry if it's not.

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U should do whatever you feel is more comfortable. There is no "right way" of doing it.
Personally, I find it better to place the finger, rather than roll it for a 9-10-9 like you described.
Anyway, find what works for you, and work at it.

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oh ok. thanks . It feels a bit more comfortable to just place it, but maybe thats just because its how ive always done it.
you roll for like
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you roll for like

yeah i only roll for those kinds of sweeps, not 9-10-9 feels better to leave them there.