I have a midget (barely even that) of a riff posted.
Just want to know what people think of the guitar tone?

I am thinking it would be great for a big 80's sounding solo, metal style that is.

You can check out my Garageband MIDI riffs I have posted as well.
i entered after reading the first 4 words of your post....

disappointed on how the rest of the post turned out...
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ah sorry to joshua29,
if I had a midget, **** if I were a midget my money/job problems would be abolished. I'd just become an actor. Nothing is better than getting paid to show off something you have zero control over.

as far as the first question goes,

I recorded that with just my guitar on a clean channel from my amp going into Garageband.
No mics, just out from the headphone jack into the line-in on the computer.
Lots of effects to play with in that program.
I think I just used lots of gain, echo and reverb with slight EQ.
Pretty simple really.

I don't really know how to use echo and delay type effects, so if it is way too over board, I don't mind taking **** for it. This is just a test to see if it is acceptable.
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