I've always heard reverb for bass isn't a good idea unless you are going for some unique ambience, or an interesting effect laden sound, etc. Now I think I need a decent reverb pedal for a very particular bass-oriented purpose.

I recently built an SG-1 clone from buildyourownclone.com and absolutely love the quasi-bowed sounds I get with it on my basses (Especially my cheap fretless). I'd like to use it in multiple songs, intead of just as a sort of novelty. Problem is I need to follow the clone with a little reverb so that all of the notes aren't absurdly staccato.

I wondered it anyone had found a reverb pedal that worked well with bass--that is it managed to retain all the low end without being a particularly sterile sounding reverb. All I found when googling was the EBS bass reverb, which at $250 US is out of my budget, and I figured one guitar reverb or another was bound to get a nice combination of organic sound and bass response.

Or if you think some other effect (or technique) would lend itself well to adding some artificial sustain to those staccato-played notes, please let me know.

I want to keep my budget under $150; thanks for your input bass forum!
I haven't run into a problem with my Holy Grail yet. Just run it through a loop if possible, it sounds MUCH better that way.
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