ha anyone had problems with the line 6 spider 3. it seems like all my guitars sound exactly the same through it. I have ibanez rgs, an epiphone les paul, and ive played a yamaha through it. the yamaha sounded like crap but s far as the others, the sound of the guitar doesnt come through. is this just the line 6 or the fact that it isn't a tube amp?
It's just a low-quality digital amp. Well, the guitar itself doesn't make a HUGE difference on the overall sound, but the Spider is just very sterile and digital.
Its a modelling amp. Its supposed to make things sound the same. And the different guitars shouldnt sound the same. I have 2 LPs they both sound very different on my tube amp, as do my 2 strats. So the guitar is an important part of your sound and so is your amp. A spider has a way of making even good guitars sound bad.
The problem isn't that it's not a tube amp. The problem is that the spider amps are meant to make your guitar sound a certain way. It was desinged for the purpose of making everything sound the same on any given setting. If you like the spider tone then thats great because you can use really crappy guitars and they will sound just as good as a really nice guitar. If you don't like the tone you get from the thing then you need to get a new amp.
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