OK i have two computers an older one that is windows and my new laptop which is a mac and i have itunes on both of them. All the songs on my ipod are synced from my older computer. I was wondering if there was anyway i could combined the itunes on my old computer to the one on my laptop and just sync my ipod to this one computer cause i can't sync the songs on my laptop to my ipod cause its already synced with my old computer and i can't do that without erasing all the songs on my ipod. Any help? keep in mind that one computer is a mac and the other is a windows if that makes a difference. my only solution was to get an external hard drive and copy the itunes on my old computer to my laptop but if i can save money i would like to.
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i might be wrong but i think that wouldnt even work because i think you would have to format the external hd to either windows or mac...u might be able to use a usb flash memory stick to transfer the mp3s or you can burn the mp3s to a dvd and then put the files on your mac from the dvd you burned
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