I know the amps suck, but how are the speakers they stock on the cabs?
Will they do well enough with an all-tube head?
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The speakers are very low end, and the cabs are made out of crap wood and they're kinda small. Just ignore the pretty logo and look at Avatar, or a higher end Marshall like the 1960A. Those are cheap used.
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build one. its not super hard. and its fun.
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A real celestion is about 99 bucks for a greenback. The "celestions" used in MGs dont even have a model name. A marshall MG cab new is 279 so figure with shipping, manufacturing, materials, and profit they have 150 bucks in the cab. So thats about 30 bucks a speaker less than a third the price of a real celestion. On MF you can get almost 3 MG cabs for the price of 1 1960 cab so figure what kind of quality they are going to be.