lately my 5150 has been sounding very flat and more staticy. ive been playing around with the knobs anbd trying different settigns to see if i can get a better tone but nothing is happening. so ive come to the conclusion that it might be that the tubes are old. after all i did buy the amp used. wat are some good sites to buy tubes from? ive been lookign at euro tubes which has a standard retube kit for the 5150. but i dnt no i that will help my sound. alos does the 5150 combo need to biased?



im looking at the standard kit. is it any good?
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Eurotubes is where i get all my tubes for my 5150 Head, They are the best place in my opinion to get tubes for any head. And yes, what your describing does sound like the tubes are going out. I got my 5150 off ebay used (obviously since they dont make it anymore) and i had to replace the tubes too. As to your question about biasing, i know the heads do, i biased mine, but i dont really know about the combo, i wanna say they do, but dont quote me on that. Oh and they dont NEED to be biased they just sound better if they do, cause peavey has the tubes running pretty cold.
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