I like your LP =P
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Mature pit regulars? Are you retarded?

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Whoah! I bet UG has never heard of that song before!

ummm...nah november rain is like one of Guns N Roses' Anthems. About everyone knows that song.

EDIT: oops you were being sarcastic
Some crit :-)!
Overall, not bad. Speed is OK, the feeling's there.
But: your high bends are way out of key. You need some practise on them. It's really noticeable, you need to work on that. During the fast parts, sometimes you're a bit too fast or too slow, which is not a disaster, unless your name is Slash :-). Try practicing the song at half speed or 3/4 speed and with a metronome if you really want to nail the tempo.
all in all: your solo is quite good, and probably really impressing non-guitarists :-) This solo will get you laid ;-).

please crit my covers: http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/Donka/music/all/play329309

thanks, i felt that it was a bit off too, but i kinda rushed the practise into learning in a week, i've really gotta work on my impatience.

but just a question, i've been playing for about 6 months, and i play my guitar every day at least for an hour and lots more on the weekend. Do u think as a guitarist i should be better by this time? Just like in the way i play and all that? Thanks