hey who likes anti-flag i just heard there new cd recently its pretty bada$$
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take it to the pop punk and emo thread. i think thats what its called(the thread)

but yeah theyre alright, only heard one album

edit: oh^ i guess they are considered punk round these here parts
dude it came out?! sweet jesus i can't believe ultimate guitar didn't say **** about it. living in south america hard to hear news about them
I really like anti-flag but i don't like their new album as much.
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Oh no. I'd recommend closing your thread before, if your reputation here isn't already ruined. But it's not a bad album.

he won´t ruin his reputation with an AF thread, most people don´t become active here, because they take all thinks too seriously, I mean Nick, you and FuzzyBear are standing over liking these bands, which is not bad