The song is in my profile and its called untitled. Please give it a listen and comment, especially if you have any advice on how to improve on the mix, because I have no idea what I'm doing.

The song itself isn't too complicated or serious, but I had alot of fun writing it. Be sure to leave a link to your thread so I can comment on yours
drums sounded ok but to improve the mix turn the guitar up, the drums down and if there is a bass line bring it out more
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Pretty good, its nice to see some good old death metal here on UG. I pretty much agree with punkmetal, turn up the guitar a bit. The bassdrum is pretty silent, it sounds like a soft thud, I think you should give it a more triggered sound, sort of like decapitated, but not as much. I could however hear the bass pretty good with my headphones on, but you could still turn up it up a bit.
Crit my thrash recording?
****ing brutal.
Good to see some Death Metal on UG, for sure.
Ghetto production, not the most pleasant to listen to, clipping all over the place. But musically, this is ****ing punishing. If it had a better production job I'd listen to this.
And I can only WISH of getting my death growls that low. Nice job.

Song: 8/10 Just plain brutal
Recording: 4/10 Ghetto

Crit me?
that was really, really, heavy. the recording quality sounds fine to me, but then again i really couldnt tell because i only listened to like a minute of it. still damn heavy though. keep it up
Thanks for the crit dude :P. I know my vocals suck, but I just started singing basically, gotta get some practice. And I record through head phones, yes head phones, not an actual mic, so that's why the quality is so horribly low lol. Anyway, I'll crit you as I go.

Untitled - The intro is ****ing brutal as hell, I love the blast beating on the drums but the guitar is a little too bassy, it might just be my speakers, but it's still awesome. The Vocals are really good too, they suit that death metal feel. I can definately headbang to this song, that gives it a plus :P. The slower part is really awesome, I love it. The song's put together really well for a death metal song, I love it actually, kinda has a Suffocation/Necrophagist feel altogether which I Absolutely love. Anyway, 9/10 from me, good job, I hope to crit you more dude.
Recording: Quality needs lots of care and attention. You need to watch the monitor levels and avoid clipping. This probably would have been a great recording had it not been in the red the whole time. Buy a shure 57 and mic your amp and re-record the guitar tracks. I'll reserve any critique on the mix till a proper unclipped recording is provided so that you can adjust it accordingly.

Playing: Your playing sounded tight and bang-on for death metal. I have no critique on this one.

Song Construction: Great. Classic death-metal with deep angry vocals. You know the style and nailed it. Well done.

Keep playing, practicing and having fun.