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Around 1:19, the open string chugs would own even harder if they were triplets. Like ultra tight djenty triplets 8)
Beautiful accoustic playing, solid riffs, s'all good brahh

Recording wise, find a VST speaker simulation, and put that on all your guitars, direct guitars sound horrible, no exceptions, and it could be helped greatly with a speaker sim.
And turn the gain down a tad after that for some articuticuticuticulation.

Nice one man, a solid 8/10.

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Nice acoustic, some bends were off in the intro lick though. It was kinda annoying when the guitar came in and the dissonant chords started blasting only in my left headphone, minor thing, but still. You should lower the distortion a bit. Next solo: a bit sloppy, most bends were a bit off, otherwise good. Would be considerably better if there was drums.
Overall pretty good, just needs some filing. 8/10
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