check about 2 minutes in. In the stripes he has his pedals painted red, he got them copper toped for the raconteurs and it seems he added a wah, but the new album uses one sometimes so i figured. I see the whammy, i think i see a micro pog, the big muff, the micro amp, he has a double one i havnt seen before and i know one or two could be his mute box. W/e check it out if ya want. tell me what ya think
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I remember seeing a picture of his pedalboard live, his Whammy is copper plated and dead sexy.
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in that video I do see a couple of new pedals. I'm not quite sure but the Wah kinda looks like a VOX, then there's the Whammy, a big muff and just in front of it another one I don't recognize. My guess is an EMMA pedal, probably a Reezafratzitz but then again those babies are a bit rare in the US so...

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