Quite good.
By the look of your fingers, i see you are really concentrating very (too?) hard. Try to play more relax. Just practise a bit more to get the hang of it. Your timing is OK, playing slowly is not a problem, it's way more important that your timing is right.
You just need to put more feeling into your playing. Don't worry, it will come automaticly with practising.
Keep up the good work!
Hell yeah little bro!!!!!!! I love the Chili peppers, my favorite band this is my favorite song. And your starting off right, just let some more notes ring out some, and double check the tab you are using, unless you are playing by ear. Whatever it is you are doing to learn this song just double check it, there are little off notes, thats it. I love this song!!!!!!! We need more musicians on this world so keep it up bro!!!!!!!!!!!
anybody wanna put anything here just let me know