I'd just like to ask that can I replace following components with new ones.

Radeon x1300/1550 -> GeForce 8800GS (PCI-E)

AMD Athlon 64 3200+ -> Intel Core 2 Duo E7200

Thanks in forehand!

//I have PCI-E slot in my motherboard, and I'd like to know what processor (dual core at last 2.4ghz) should I get
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not sosure about the intel, think they are different architectures so you need different motherboards.
Does your motherboard even support dual core processors?

Is your current video card AGP or PCI-E?
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u cant put AGP ---> pci-e

You can go from AMD ---> intel

So the original processor fits fine but the graphix card doesn't?
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Does your motherboard even support dual core processors?

Dunno... it's pretty old...
You cannot go from AMD to Intel, that's just not how it works. If your motherboard is pretty ancient, and doesn't have a PCI-E slot then you can't have the 8800.
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u cant put AGP ---> pci-e

You can go from AMD ---> intel

First is right, 2nd is wrong.

Different sockets.

If the graphics card is PCI-E then yes you can do that. But you can't go from AMD to Intel )or vice versa) without a new motherboard.
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You can't go from AGP to PCI-E.
You can't go from AMD to Intel.
You can't go from one socket to another.

That CPU is a different socket than the newer AMD processors so you can't just get a dual core. You will also need new RAM because if you get a new motherboard it will take DDR2 or DDR3, and I am 99% sure that you have DDR now. You need a new motherboard to do what you want.
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need to know what mobo your sporting.

Most are either AMD + radeon exclusive, or intel + nvidia exclusive.

You can put a ATi or nVidia card into any motherboard, assuming it has the slot for it. But ALL motherboards can only take a certain type of processor.
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SO whatever I do I need a new motherboard?

What is being said basically means: Don't bother. Just buy a new PC.

New motherboard = new processor, new memory, possibly a new PSU, maybe a new case, possibly new HDD/CD/DVD...
The processors have different sockets, they arent compatible...

Since you bought a motherboard with an AMD socket, you are stuck with AMD processors unless you buy a new motherboard...I nice one can be as cheap as $100 though...
for the first, if its currently PCI-E then yes. make sure you have the right PSU though, as PCI E cards need a 6 pin plug don't they?

and for the second, no. not even remotely. and not for the AM2 chip, as the 3200 is a 939 socket IIRC
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this is a ****ty PC, probably getting a new one because this component change thingy sux... AMD (/) Intel....

Yea but thanks for all the trouble you had helping me, I had no idea this is SOOO tricky...
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Yeah, your PC is old so you would be replacing all the major components.