i have a yamaha fg700s, the body size is slightly wider on the bottom. It measures about 16 and half inches on the lower bouts of the guitar. I just purchased a road runner dreadnough case. I have to push the guitar in the case to get it fit, although i dont have to push it really hard. Is it bad for the guitar to have a tight fit on the case?

Im worried that my guitar will warp or crack due to the pressure of the case. But i can take out the guitar without much force but I have to push the guitar in the case slightly, as I can't just let it drop down in the case by itself.
It should fit nice and snug. As long as you dont need to use excessive force to get it in and out id say its about right.
A good case will make you have to line up the guitar perfectly with the case and then push a little. The case my martin came with is VERY snug, but that's a good thing. the lining of the case is very plush. A snug fit just means my guitar wont be moving around in there, which is once again, a good thing.
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