hey pit,

so i have a choice now, buying a sony ericsson k750i with 256 mb memory card, cable, and warranty till december;
or i could get a w810i with a 512mb memory card, cable, no warranty, and with a scratch on the front panel.
so what should i get? leaning towards the w810i.

PS: they are same price.
We call them chargers lol...Prob go for the w810...k750 is like 4 years old now. good phone though.
really the only major difference from them two is the walkman. is this walkman just a program, or it's an improvement to speaker also?
i can observe that the only difference between those two is the warranty and the memory card. maybe you should go for the w810. you don't really need the warranty because based on my experience w/ SE's, they do last long.

and yeah the scratch? do you really mind scratches? i don't.

EDIT: do you prefer SE's over NOKIA's? sometimes SE's services don't really do well.
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well i dont mind scratches, but if its a major scratch on the front panel, where the display is, so that i cant see anything on the display, then i do mind. i just didnt saw the phone yet..
and yes, i do prefer se over nokia. i just like them better.