Been hanging for a 'real' fender sunburst strat of some variety, as upgrade from squier trans satin fat strat.

Played one recently at a store. A few bangs /scratches on it, but seems intact.
Very nice set up with great low action, sounds good (through an expensive marshall amp... what wouldn't). (In this store they are extremely competent and they do vintage repairs and whatnot, so no doubt they set it up properly). Sunburst colour.

Cost is around 900AUS (similar to USD I think).

So very tempting.

Friend suggest if i'm going to spend that much spend bit more, get nice new strat. Where one knows it hasn't had many years of wear, ambiguity about how well its been maintained before found its way to store...

I guess this story comes up all the time, but i'm wondering:
1. does anything know much about MIJ strats (supposedly better than CIJ according to guitar shop people), even compared to 60's, 70's (not huge fan 70s headstock, though my squire has it).
2. any opinions on listed price? seen any similar sales?
3. any reasons not to get it versus new one? keep seems to play very well.

1) MiJ and CiJ are the same thing, they just changed the label. Does make it easier for dating purposes though.

2) A little bit expensive, you should be able to get it a little cheaper. Although I hear that guitars are more expensive in Australia, but I'd think 700 AUD is a good price to aim for.

3) Played in guitars always feel nicer and MiJ Fender's are great guitars. If you like it and think it's worth the money, go for it. Even if you can't get money of it, it's probably worth it.
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one of my co-workers has had a jap strat for years and he loves it, I got to play it too once and it does have a nice feel to it, my advice though would be to go play a brand new american at and see if it is worth the extra $150 or so
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