hey guys so.. ive got too many guitars for my stands and its like a 20 min drive to the nearest guitatr store and im broke anyway, so just for the time being, is it ok to lean an acoustic in a corner while im not playing?

im kinda paranoid about warping
its not to "ok" cause the wall may be colder than the temperature in the room, one of my strings broke when standing on a wall but only once, and it's pretty in the same place.So it's not incredibly bad, but if you have many guitars you could make a rotation sistem
well, i have a tri stand and it has 2 electrics and a bass so i figured if i just leaned if against the wall for a week or 3 it would be that bad
and im usually playing like 3 hours a day or so
but thanks
canada eh?
idk its about 23 right now with 70 something% humidity, that why im worried, cuz theres so much moisture
well that should affect all guitar not the one you lean on the wall.If those are ok, that should be ok too.I'm paranoid about changes of temperature.Those are more important too me, but i think so does humidity.Maybe put a cloth (between the guitar and the wall)when you lean it on the wall.
It really shouldnt be a problem. Temperature with walls and guitars only really matter when it's cold. The temperature of the air fights against the temperature of the wall touching the guitar. When it's warm like now, however, it wont really be a problem. The wall and air will be about just as warm, and if you're just leaning your headstock on the wall then there's no harm.
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ya i think its ok, and i have a dehumidifyer going all day in my room (basement) and what about that humidity putty stuff or whatever it is u can buy?