sounds odd ,but do you think it wouldn't sound crap if you used a tele and the overdrive channel with the gain around 3ish (just so it's a thin/medium overdrive)? because i've found the cleans on it suck, the overdrive is nice.. has anyone experienced this before?
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all in all 5150 has only the distortion channel to its advantage... the tele's distortion with that specific amp would be pretty thin(not in a good way)...
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I'll have to say you can get a nice Tone with a Tele with a Mild amount of Distortion runs Nicely on my Vox for that "Vintage Feel".. I never played on a 5150 but it shouldn't sound too bad.. way I see it.. give a try..
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5150 is good for distortion. So are Tele's.

I don't see the problem.
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A Tele would sound quite good with a 5150. I've used a friends strat with mine on many an occasion and I was always able to get some nice tones out of it. Also, the cleans on the 5150 aren't as bad as you guys think. I use the low gain input and the rhythm channel for my OD's and the lead channel with the gain zero'd for my cleans. The lead channel has a slightly darker voicing than the rhythm channel so it can get some pretty jazzy cleans if you back the volume of the guitar down a bit.
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