I was wondering how this guitar is cause im getting it in 5 days. Im a beginner so i wanted to know which pickup gave which kind of sound and what the tone knob does.
Its not too bad, I tried it with a JSX a couple of days ago, the only thing that you might need to watch out for is the Edge III, I suggest you look at some tutorials on double locking trems if you dont have any experience with em.
Quality made guitar, high output pickups, therefore a good instrument for rock and metal. Now the tremolo is bad. It will probably wear out and let you down in a couple of years at best, not to mention that I don't see why you would want a double locking tremolo as a beginner - those things are complicated to set up.

About the pickups:
The pickup switch on this guitar has five positions.
If you select the first position of the lever (it pointing towards the neck of the guitar), the neck humbucker will be used. It will give you a tone with a lot of bass and loads of midrange, perfect for blues and soaring rock and metal leads. It's also cool if you like clean tones in the style of metallica or warm jazz sounds.
The 2nd position uses the inner coil of the neck humbucker together with the single coil, the 3rd uses only the single coil, the 4th uses the inner coil of the bridge humbucker with the single coil. Those settings work well for clean stuff of pretty much any kind, with position 2 being the darkest sounding, while position 4 is the brightest. You might find the tone inferior to the humbuckers when using a lot of gain, as it is rather 'thin'. See what you like best.
Position 5 gives you the sound of the bridge humbucker. It sounds very bright, so depending on your amp settings it might be a little shrill for cleans. It is the pickup of choice for rock and metal oriented riffing and sometimes for soloing, as it's trebly sound gives you the possibily on using lot's of gain without the sound becoming a muddy mess.

The tone knob: If it is set on 10, you will get a rather bright sound, while rolling it back makes everything more mellow, with more midrange. This is especially useful for getting a nice lead tone.

EDIT: As a beginner you might not know this: The volume knob does work rather as a gain control than a volume control.

2ndEDIT: I just read through it again and corrected some typos. Sorry, some of it was misleading.
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Thanks Quailman, thats better than I could describe it.
I recently (3 ish months ago) bought an RG5EX1, which is basically the same guitar with a different finish. I'm very impressed with the build quality. However, keep in mind that this is a rock and metal guitar. My mom has an SG which has a much nicer clean tone, although I'm sure the Ibanez is better than some out there.
In regards to the Edge 3, I have had no problems with it. Sure, it might crap out later, but so far it has been smooth, and relatively easy to set up. Just make sure you read all of the FR setup guides on here.

Also, be aware that the finish on the bridge comes off VERY easily. My guitar has the grey (powder cosmo?) finish on it, and I've already worn a bare spot on the bridge from palm muting.
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I was wondering how this guitar is cause im getting it in 5 days. Im a beginner so i wanted to know which pickup gave which kind of sound and what the tone knob does.

In short, it's a terrible guitar for a beginner - it has a floating bridge which is a headache you simply don't need if you're simply trying to learn to play the guitar. The bridge is also not particularly good, it's made from cheap metal and the knife edges wear out

If you're a stone-cold beginner then reconsider and get something with a fixed bridge like an Ibanez RG321.
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