Right as many of you will know the clean channel on the peavey 6505's aint the best around, im looking for a combo amp thats excels at clean. I have rougly $850 and im not really bothered if it has a overdrive channel thats good, id like a tube amp but if there is any decent ss ones for that price then im willing to try them out. nothing like the marshall MG. i'll be running the combo into two mesa boogie cabs and running a tc electronic g major unit in an effects loop.

any suggestions

my guitar is a esp eclipse II stbc
Roland Jazz Chorus.
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If you're into Fender-y cleans i'd look out for a used Twin Reverb or maybe a Roland Jazz Chorus. If you want a bit more of a ballsy clean you could look at a used AC30 CC1 which would also give you an extra option when it comes to your OD
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It depends on what clean tone you want. If you want wide open tone with lots of bass then the Twin reverb is very nice. The Jazz chorus is good if you only plan on using it for christal clear cleans. The AC30 is great for those people looking for glassy high end and a bit grit. The blues deluxe is good if you want thicker high end and still want a bit of grit.

If you don't need a lot of volume then my alltime favorite clean amp is the blackface princeton.
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