for around $400-$500, i need an amp that will mainly be used for bedroom practice, but also with a drummer who uses a double bass drum setup. the roland cube 60 and the valveking 112 both seem good to me, so i'm wondering if the built-in effects in the cube are good enough (as in i won't like them at first and then be left wanting more later) or if i should get the peavey and buy some pedals.
go with the peavy.

The cube is a good amp for cleans but the FX are worthless. I'm going to assume that you play some heavier music (based on the whole double bass on the drumset thing) and that your drummer playes kina loud which will mean you can really crank your valveking and make it sound great.
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^Pickups, guitars, and amps. I also sell pickup parts to other boutique winders all over the world. It's working out great. Would be even better if I found time to sleep.
Not taking any online orders.