This is just a quick question for everyone, and it's about what guitar I should get

At the moment I have a squire strat (always goes out of tune) and I absolutely despise playing it. Anyway, I have been playing for almost a year and I've gotten a lot better. I play stuff like steve vai, satriani, and I like classic rock. I wanna know what guitar is good for like shredding / hard rock / ballad (maybe? like for the love of god - steve vai)

I was thinking of a JEM or something, but thats a little pricey. I'm pretty fed up with my current guitar and I was wondering what guitar is good for all of that

Help me out UG~!
Ibanez, Jackson have thin profile necks which are generally grouped with shredding.
isn't the jem like $2000 lol. thats more of a collectors item. another ibanez like the rg series i think is what youre looking for. I have 2 and they are really easy to shred on. i would get wow i forgot the model number but it comes in black and white, shark inlays, wizard 2 neck. it might be the modle DX its like $380-470
hahaha, i have a blues junior. Not exactly what u want for rock and roll D:
Okay, there's a few things we need to know.

What do you play? Classic rock.
What do you want in a guitar, feature-wise?
What amp do you use? Blues Junior.
What is your budget?

We've got half of that figured out, as said, but we can't really help you unless we know the other two.
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