I live in CT and i was just wondering if anyone has anyone or any place they recommend going to get pickups replaced. I dont want to give my guitar to guitar center or one of those bigger type places because i dont want to wait weeks to get my guitar back...so yea if anyone has any suggestions that would be great..
Swap them out yourself. It's pretty easy and then you have the satisfaction of knowing that you did it yourself.
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well its a good thing you gave me such descriptive instructions on how to do it myself...now it'll be no problem!
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well its a good thing you gave me such descriptive instructions on how to do it myself...now it'll be no problem!

jesh way to be sarcastic.

most pickups come with a wiring guide, saying this wire goes to this, this wire goes to that, and usually they have it for many diff pickup configs (hum hum, sing hum sing, etc.). if not you can definately find them online no problem.
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Search youtube for pickup change tutorials, might be some there.
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you don't have to know anything about electronics. All you have to do is learn how to solder which is very simple, and connect wire A to pad B... you dont have to know how it works or
why it works...

I always figured if your gonna spend thousands of dollars on guitar gear, but arn't willing to learn how the instrument actually works or how to fix it yourself, you probably shouldn't own it... thats just me though...

i mean if you were to unsure about yourself you could always call around, a lot of local guitar places will have a guy or have someone else come in. When i got my first tube amp and it was having some trouble, I paid a guy and he charged basically 150$ for looking at it and putting a new pre amp tube in... so i learned how to do it all myself, lol

your call though
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Guitar center has a tech as do most music shops, but they charge a fortune. try to learn how to do it yourself so you can keep the cost down and get better pickups!
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yeah i dont know about diong it myself i dont know enough about electronics or soldering...

TBH, the only 2 requirements to do this yourself are opposable thumbs and Grade 4-level Reading & Comprehension.

Buy a $15 soldering kit from RadioShack and practice soldering and de-soldering for an hour or so or less, and you'll have a new skill!

Soldering inappropriate stuff on your dad's or mom's car is also always worth the grins. Make sure you sign it or leave evidence you did it so they won't blame some poor sap.

Good Luck!