Hey guys. Here's my latest song, and my first song under my new "band" name (basically it's still just me ) Ashen Spire. It's a very opeth inspired piece, running at around 12 minutes, and I hope that it serves the job of keeping you interested throughout the entire thing. I think this is one of my best pieces, if not THE best. It's certainly the longest, and I think the sound quality on this one is the best I've done so far.

I'd realllly appreciate any crits concerning any aspect of the song, whether it's tone, mixing, quality, riffs, the song itself, melody etc. Thanks a lot, and I hope you enjoy!

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I love this, it's amazingly put together and recorded, vocals would be the icing on a very delicious caek
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Critting as I go..
Intro's nice and dark, drums could do with a bit more groove to them. They're just a tad boring. If I was a drummer I'd feel a tad insulted if I was expected to play that. It's just a tad too simplistic.
VERY nice tapping, clean chops indeed.
Awesome riff, nice to hear some odd scales being used in there aswell.
****ing evil piano, no complaints here.. Love the little rolls of notes.
Now this is beautiful, 2 minutes of music and I can see you've got a great ear and a great skill for developing a mood at just the right pace.
Going all Mikey Akerfeldt on us here eh? Nice little bluesy solo, you sound a little out of tune though.
The gap between the piano and accoustic seems a bit artificial, a bit fake. Trying a bit too hard to take the song in a different direction, but it's alright I suppose. The gap could do with being a tad shorter. Nice accoustic tone aswell.
Nice chord progression here, very melancholy sounding. And a clever note progression on the bass, definately works wonders.
Clever little groove on the drums here, and nice transition to the distorted.
This next riff's a little cheesy for me. Sounds very Iron Maiden, and I'm not much of a fan of cheese. Solo's pretty ****ing sweet though dude. Ends a tad too soon, but what's there is great. Nice transition to the accoustic, and ****ing evil sounding to boot.
Slightly boring drum beat here. Oh and a breakdown eh? :P
Very nicee, blistering heavy.
Liking this lead, generally evil section going on here, favourite part so far. Ooh, liking the little breaks in the chugs too.
The accoustic break, what a sweet riff. Your note choices are perfect, nice and ethnic sounding without sounding contrived or cheesy. And another solo, very nice. Like the little chromatic part leading into the hammer-on pull-offy lick. And there's that riff again :P
And now it's all a bit post-rock from the forests of Norway.
And some sick tapping again, very nice. And some nice chugs underneath. Although, the chug + lead, then accoustic break within a minutes time thing is wearing a bit thin.
The song's starting to feel a bit forced, if it was a few minutes shorter, it would be perfect, it's just the accoustic breaks every minute and a half that don't do it any favours, the formulae is fine, it's just used to often here.
Nice ending though, beautiful playing.

Recording wise, pretty ghetto. Everything sounds like it's clipping, but it's clear enough to hear what's going on.
And it could do with some vox too ;]

Song: 6/10 for structure, 9/10 for excellent riffs
Recording: 6/10

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pretty friggin sweet man. love the intro. im typing this as i am listening. one thing i do notice that the lead guitar is sort of out tune with the piano on the piano part though. maybe its just me.
very nice job on the song man. i have dial up and it was so good that i let it load all the way. i like the main riff alot. i also dig the hell out of the piano to. o think a violin would have been a nice touch to play along to the piano parts but its still great. on the solo i would have liked to have heard a better tone but its still good as is also. the acoustic was a very nice touch. you dont hear that to often or atleast i havent heard to many metal songs with acoustics in them.its somethin i look forward to doin in the future once i get a band goin. i have a few acoustic riffs made that sound pretty dark.right now om 7 minutes into it and i still havent gotten bored bored with it.at 7:26 it sounds like the double bass seem a little to loud. it kind of takes away from the guitar a bit.dude you have excellent musicianship. i was literaly on the edge of my seat like where the hell is this song gonna go.it hit all of the right spots.never a dull moment.great job man keep it up!!!!!!
Criting as i go, the opening is really tight and does a good job setting the atmosphere for the song, with the tapping thing that comes in you should have gone with a slightly more bassy tone in my opinion anyways, the first riff is really tight and i love everything about it, with the piano part you should have brought it in with a fade and had the guitar part fade out while it was coming in but its not a really big deal. The piano parts also extremely well done, the solo going over its also very well done, your bends are a little off, but w/e. The drums throughout do a very good job establishing the whole mood for the song and help drive the guitar/piano work throughout the music. Right now im at four minutes at the acoustic part and my only complaint is your tone with the acoustic part, it needs to be a little thicker, as well as deeper. The following riff is also really well done, your musicianship is definatly top notch as suggested before, its really easy to hear the opeth influence throughout. The whole song reminds me alot of Opeths new stuff off watershed. Anyways AWESOME work man, now kindly return the favor :p

That is some ****ING AMAZING **** right there. Totally worth the 11:45 spent listening. Good job man, you could totally sell this **** right here!

The only two things I can complain are the lead guitar out of tune, and there is no vocals .

Reminds me of old opeth. The sound quality is medium, there is some clipping, we easily know that the drum is a vst(even though I loved the kick sound), some sounds are really too loud at different places and the sound of the acoustic guitars strummed is kind of strange.

I would give 9 for composition, and 6 for production.

If you do a cd, I would surely buy it .

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Thanks for all of the crits guys! Yea, the sound quality isn't the best, but I find it so hard to keep everything clear when I have so many tracks playing at the same time. Does anyone have any tips?

Edit: Oh and btw, that one solo lick isn't tapping, it's alternate picking and hammer ons/pull offs Also StealthyHaze, do you have a UG thread for it?
Alta Vera - My real life alternative rock band.
Ashen Spire - My personal metal band.

Super Mario, F-Zero & Dragonball Z covers!

PSN: whatev27

Let me ask you, does a machine like yourself ever experience fear?

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