Poll: how often does your band practice?
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Once every 2 weeks
8 14%
Once a week
23 40%
twice a week
16 28%
three times a week
3 5%
four or more times a week
8 14%
Voters: 58.
how often does your band practice...

please tell me how long each jamming session is..

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everyone in my band has a really busy schedule so we can't get around to jamming consistently every week, but to make the best of it, we send each other song ideas and stuff in guitar pro almost every day so that we have stuff to work on when we get together. usually we'll jam for like 4-6 hours if we can.
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Thursdays and Saturdays for 5-6 hours. But we don't practice all the time, we do other stuff aswell.
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we would be lucky if we get more than 40 minutes every week, probably got a lot to do with our lead guitarist being in about 7 bands though, grrrrg
We used to practice once a week for three hours, but that was when we were gigging every week.
Now we only play once in a while, (we fall out if we're together too much, but this way keeps it fun) so we only rehearse about a week before any gigs we're playing. Again for three hours usualy, just to blow the dust of the set.
Not exactly the way to do it for everyone, but it works just fine for us.
Normally one a week for three hours but we have been known to have 30 hours of band practise a week more than once
About 3-5 to hours every week.
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My Band:
Once a week for about 2 hours. Although recently it's more like none... damn people with lives outside music...
I've just started jamming with my brother and some other dudes, we jammed 3 days last week, 3 hours each session. This week we will probably jam every day, in about 2-3 hours. I love vacations!

We've already finished three songs: Symbolic by Death, Pull The Plug by Death and Last Breath by Hatebreed (fairly easy song). This week, we're going to practice the songs mentioned, some At The Gates (can't remember title) and War Is My Shepherd by Exodus.

We practice from 18:00, everytime!
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Were all really great friends so we hang out like every couple days but we usually only practice every two weeks or so. We play for about an hour. We don't practice much but were a very tight band. We have really great chemistry.

Were always playing instruments and things while were with each other of course but a full band practice is about every two weeks during school, summer about every week.

And when were together were always talking about the band and things to do with it.
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About five hours on Sundays. About four hours on Tuesdays. Since summer is here we plan on practicing a lot more especially since a show-booking whatever just contacted us saying they'd like to get us to start playing shows.
like 2 a week altho we all we do otherwise is lay around and kick each other to write some decent lyrics.
once a month if i'm lucky. i wish i was going at least 3 or 4 times a week though. everyone else has to have such busy schedules though! ah
Once a week for two hours is what we aim for, though its been a bit hit and miss recently due to exams. Id like to get it up to 2 times a week.
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