Can anyone comment on the loudness of the cube 30x (as opposed to the cube 60 or other 30 watt ss amps?)

I have only been able to find a Cube 60 (no 30's) around here to try, and i thought the hi-gain modes were quite good for a ss practice amp.

60 watts is too much for my apartment, which is why i have been trying to find the 30 watt version. I'm actually afraid 30 watts might be too much. I also noticed that the 30 does not have a presence knob. I'm assuming the tones are basically the same as the 60.

I'm hesitant to order the 30 without being able to try it. If anyone can offer experience on the 60 vs 30 (maybe even the 20?) I would appreciate it. Thanks
if im not mistaken the 60 has a button where u press it and it reduces the noise, while still keeping the tone. (not sure whats its called)
The 30 and 60 are almost exactly the same. The only thing that is different about them is the presence knob and the Dyna Amp on the 60.

Otherwise, they're almost identical.

As for the 20 it wouldn't be much quieter, so it wouldn't be worth it. Not to mention it lacks the amp models that the 30 and 60 have.
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Go for the 60. Its a solid state, so it souds good when you play it at low volumes. You dont have to crank it up like a tube amp.
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