I just submitted a quota to musiciansfriend of my 2000 Epi LP, which I think is a great guitar. Anyways, hoping to get around 300-500 for it (regardless of where I sell it). This whole plan is hypothetical, but I think it works well because I already have a great solid body guitar in my American Strat.

My Question: Which semi-hollows guitars do you recommend in this 300-500 range? The Epi Dot and Ibanez AS series seem to jump out at me. Any thoughts on these guitars or more are welcome.
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I wouldn't spring for the Dot. I don't have any experience with the Ibanez, but the Dot isn't worth it. If you're going for an Epi semi hollow, I wouldn't stop any shorter than the Sheraton II, which at last check was about $800 Canadian.
Washburn HB30. Ironically enough its in your price range, and it is also one of the best in under $2000.

I am not saying that because I have one. I have an ibanez as well. And the epi is worst than both. But the washburn is in a completely different league.
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I hate to break it to you, but you're not going to get over $250 for an '00 Epi LP.

They go on Craigslist for about $225-$275.
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^^ He said his budget is $300-500. 2000 was the year of his guitar.

And to be helpful, Ill throw out a suggestion for an Ibanez AS73. Solid guitar.
Well the Washburn HB35 is in his price range. It can be found for about 400 bucks. What I meant is that it is still one of the best under 2000 dollars
I'm going to back up the Epiphone Dots here. Unlike most Epiphones and Gibsons, when it comes to archtops, Epiphones are actually priced very fairly. Yes, the Sheraton II and Casino are better than the Dot and Dot Studio - but then, they also cost twice the price. For the money, the Dot is great (and especially the Dot Studio - when I was looking for an archtop, I tried out a few Ibanezs and a couple of Epi Dots, and it was actually the cheapest Dot Studio that I thought sounded and felt best...).
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In my experience, the Epiphone Dot is an utterly fantastic guitar. Of course, I've not played any Ibanez guitars, ever, so it's a biased decision.
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OK, at this point I am interested in the Ibanez AS73 and this Washburn HB30. I am really looking for a guitar that does great with Jazz, Rock, and Blues (not really going for the metal sound here).

Thanks for the comments so far, post more if you got more to say.
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