recently my bitcomet DL speed has been completely shyt. i have no idea why considering it was downloading 200-300kbps just a week ago, i was wondering if you guys could give links to handy tweaking pages or the like.

Are you running anything else on your computer? With some files, very few people have the last .4% or so (which i have been experienceing with the CIV IV expansion). Run spybot, ATF cleaner, spyware blaster, and update antivirus definitions,
Why don't you just google it?

Google Torrent Tweaks...Or there are videos on youtube.

Perhaps you could use the torrent thread also in the future.
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bitcomet works like crap for me. The only one I can get good speeds with is BitLord
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Port forwarding. The UDP/TCP ports that the program needs to broadcast traffic, have to be open, so you have to forward them through your router. It could be ISP capping or throttling your speed or the torrent traffic/protocol, very easily done, so look for protocol encryption, a feature present in Azereus and uTorrent.

Or it could be if you are getting a torrent from a public tracker, chances are it will be slow, whereas closed private tracker whose torrent community is reliant on the seed/leech ratio, will have much more people seeding, some with even dedicated servers, hosting them, seeding at very fast speeds of 7MB/s+

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your isp doesnt like you
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