So I recently got a Strat replica for my birthday, it's made by Behringer. [Seemingly,] The only possible way to tap with it is to tap really, really hard. Now, I've tried tapping the same exact thing on my friend's guitar, I don't know what brand it is, and I don't even have to use 1/2 the force with his as I do mine. It's much easier on his guitar. Is this just because of a ****ty guitar or something more?

btw, I searched the FAQ and nothing came up, and sorry if this is in the wrong place.
he might have smaller string gauges...that's about all I can think of

oh yeah, and action.
Possibly his pickups are much hotter than yours and are picking it up easier. That or your volume dial is set low (trust me I've done that before ). Check that, if its not that turn the volume and or gain up on your amp as a temporary measure and maybe get some hotter pickups.
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Is it the V-tone pack which comes with the GM108 amp.

If so that's what I started on. This is because of the action on the guitars. The action on the Behringer is terrible to be honest and you have to press down with more pressure to sound notes.

You could get it set-up and asked to lower the action but I wouldn't. Just save up for another guitar.
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sum it all up:

action may be too high
volume too low (possibly gain low as well)
strings too thick (not likely tho)

and thats all assuming you know how to tap correctly.
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Some guitars require pedals to make it more meaningful, straight tapping unless volume is way high is bound to be quiet through amp anyway
The first 3 replies pretty much summarise my ideas. High action, heavy gauge strings, poor pickups. Has he got a better distortion on his amp? Higher gain effect?
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Is it the V-tone pack which comes with the GM108 amp.

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Has he got a better distortion on his amp? Higher gain effect?

We used the same amp and settings.
Your mate's guitar will be better, I mean a Behringer isn't exactly going to be brilliant compared to other guitars..
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