So, I just want to make sure I understand this correctly. Lets take the major scale for example. I need to memorize all seven different positions on the fretboard in order to accurately know every note on the fret board I can use... am I right? Now, if I want to learn another scale pattern, take the minor pentatonic, it has five postions, now in order to do that I need to learn all five of those also? Is there an easier way to do this or or do I need to learn all of them to improv in the scale or key? I hope I am right because I have been studying the positions out my ass. Thanks for any help UG!
u dun have to learn all 5 boxes of the minor pent to improvise in that scale. 1 box can be enough for some guitarist to create some nifty licks.

for the major scale thing, memorising the intervals would be a better thing to do i guess so u can easily play the scale in any key.
when you combine the positions is it a pentatonic scale?
I would memorize the different shapes of each scale and also know where the roots notes are. That way you know every note in the scale and you can use it in any key.
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The most important thing is knowing how to get to a particular note in the scale, and that comes by learning the intervals. That doesn't mean you have to actively learn the TTSTTTS formula or whatever though. I didn't (well, I knew it, but didn't actively apply it to learning scales) but with time your ear will just let you know where the next note is.
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You mean learning the 7 different modes ?
You don't have too but it'll pay off in the long run.
You'll be able to navigate the fretboard at will and from different perspectives.
You won't get stuck in a box. If you decide to tap you won't get lost.
You be able to create different riffs or phrasing much easier.
Your sound will be more dynamic becuase you'll be able to use the full
range of octives avaliable on the fretboard.

If you play the 7 different modes in a stationary posistion, you'll be
able to go axis pitch much eaier. You'll be able to expand to mulit octives once you
get a mental image a single box as a refference.

You'll be able to identify shifting apeggios faster at veriouse posistion
of the fretboard.

You'll be able to create chords at veriouse posistions of the fretboard.

Once you learned those 7 major scale modes. It'll be much faster for you
learn the Minor's system modes.

And it'll be much faster to learn other exotics scales.