So I bought a 1993 gibson les paul studio yesterday, and the thing is freaking AMAZING. Incredible sustain and I can easily get the tone of any les paul/SG user with my crate palomino v32 amp. Best $700 I've ever spent in my life. The only problem is that I'm not sure what humbuckers are in the guitar. The person who sold it to me said she's not sure what they are but she's sure they're not stock. They don't have any pickup covers on them. Is there any way I can determine what pick ups are in the guitar? There are no brand names on the pickup (for example, it doesn't say seymour duncan on the pickup or anything).
alright thanks, so how would I go about doing this?

I'm not very good at repairing guitars or adjusting pickups or anything. Would I have to physically take the pickup out of the guitar? or what?
You'll have to take it out if you want to see the label. I'm not sure how you would take them out on an lp, but I'm sure google can help there.
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yes you would have to take it out, just look on the back of the cover on the back of the pickup to find it.
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